5 Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant

First of all , Congratulations on your amazing news . Pregnancy can be such an exciting time. It can be confusing to know what can and cant be done while pregnant and I'm with you on that. With all of the conflicting information about exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period , its no wonder that everyone is confused . Even I was . I have list 4 reason why you should exercise that may help someone that is unsure amount training while pregnant .

1) Its Never Too Late to Start

You may not have done any exercise before pregnancy and might be worried you have left it too late. That isn’t the case. I wouldn’t recommend throwing yourself into a high intensity training program, but I would recommend a well-designed exercise program from a pre and postnatal certified coach. This type of Coach has all the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure you being coached safely throughout your pregnancy .They will be able to design an individualised program specific to your pregnancy journey .

2) Exercise in pregnancy has many benefits

Regular physical activity benefits everyone, pregnant or not. The feel-good hormones released during exercise can have a beneficial impact on your mental health even helping some women with improved mood, cognition, attention and memory and decreased stress, anxiety and depression. A well designed exercise program for pregnant women will also help maintain good posture and alignment, maintain or (ideally) increase strength, strengthen core and balance the tone of the pelvic floor, promote healthy weight gain.

3 ) Birth preparation & Recovery from birth

Another great benefit of exercising throughout pregnancy are the preparation it gives you for the birth and recovery from labor and delivery. Birth preparation exercises as well as learning to relax through the pelvic floor may help prepare you for the big event of giving birth and help aid the recovery process afterwards.All of which is a god send in those first few sleep deprived months .

4) Worrying about exercise and the baby

I have been here before myself . on my first pregnancy i was told to 'relax ' and exercise was bad for the baby from people close to me but exercise is very beneficial during pregnancy, whether a woman was already exercising before she became pregnant. there are many misconceptions about training while pregnant which lead women to be overly cautious and worry about the effect it will have on their baby. Even if you are a beginner you can take up regular exercise, provided there are no complications, and your doctor has given the green light to begin exercise during your pregnancy. I would highly recommend go to a pre and postnatal certified coach to ensure that your coach knows how to train women during their pregnancy and beyond

Coaching & Enquiries

If you have any questions about pre & postnatal training, don't hesitate to ask just pop me an email and i'll get back to you as soon as I can .

For any mama that is interested in coaching ,get in touch and i can give you information on upcoming classes.

These classes focus on building a strong foundation for our postnatal recovery . We focus on creating a connection between our breath, pelvic floor and core, while strengthening postural muscles and improving mobility .

Numbers are limited to ensure each mama gets personal attention. doctors clearance is required.

From one mama to another,


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