In this one-on-one Online Postpartum Consultation & Assessment, you will be given tools to return to fitness safely and effectively after baby. You will learn how to reconnect with your core and pelvic floor to strengthen your body from the inside out. A thorough movement assessment will be done as well as instructions on how to perform a diastasis recti (ab separation) self-assessment.We will also go thorough the following: 


  • Assess your movements and receive tips to feel better and stronger
  • Get personalized guidance on what exercises you should be working on to restore your body after birth
  • Learn how to help heal diastasis recti 
  • Feel like you again
  • And so much more!


During this 1:1 consult, Selina will look at your functional movements to determine if certain muscles need to be strengthened or released to improve your posture, your core strength, and reduce aches and pains. This detailed assessment will help determine what areas of your body need improvement to help you feel your best.


Selina will do lots of education on core and pelvic floor, answer all your questions, and bring you through exercise to help restore an rehabilitate your body after birth. These exercises are the foundation to a strong core and diastasis recti healing.


After the consultation, you will receive a detailed email with all of our findings as well as video demonstrations of all the recommended exercises to help you restore your body.


Strength Train to lighten the load of motherhood.

Online Postpartum Consultation & Assessment


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