I wanted to create this guide to give mamas the knowledge and expertise to get to know their bodies . We need to appreciate that no two postpartum journeys are the same . This is where I feel it's important that mamas know themselves.


This is a fantastic resource for mamas who may be feeling overwhelmed, it is packed full tips to aid your postpartum recovery, advice on scar mobilisation, breathing, posture nutrition & much more. There are video demonstations to accompany each now topic learnt to ensure you are fealing confident.


This Guide not only focuses on workouts , mechanics and daily movement of a mama but also provides her with the tools to understand the process of her recovery. This guide takes you on a journey of self discovery and self rehabilitation .


In society the focus is on the exterior body image and "bouncing back ",

I feel to successfully get to where a mother wants to be she needs to listen and understand her body, know the mechanics of herself & she will get back to her doing the things she loved quicker.


"You wouldn't ask your baby to walk before they have crawled , so give your body the same patience" 

Postpartum Recovery & Return to Exercise Guide

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